Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Little Brown Cow

We were over at my parents house yesterday for a visit. My cousins from Utah were up, so we got together for supper and such. Anyway, the kids needed new helmets for skating that starts tomorrow and we went to town. We hopped over to Wally World to look at Halloween costumes and Landon got a brown cow outfit and Kirsten is going to be ...surprise, surprise...Hannah Montana! It is actually a really cute outfit and my Mom got her some funky black boots to go with it too.

Landon loves his brown cow costume so much so that it has been on his little body since this morning. I tried to convince him to take it off after lunch, but no way. I n about 2 minutes he was asleep and I thought I'd share this cute picture of my little brown cow:-)

I am working on a cute High Hopes project for the challenge this week, so I hope to be back with the finished product tomorrow:-)

Have a fabulous evening!!


***** Landon just woke up and has decided he needs to wear his outfit to town to go and get Kirsten at school...I need a few things at the grocery store too, so it'll be a hoot...only 9 days until Halloween, but whatever:-)******


  1. Oh bless, what a cutie in his cow costume! Danni is like that in her Giselle dress from the Enchanted movie and near enough always has it on, Glad you had a great time visiting your relatives, Love and Hugs, Nikki x

  2. Aawh...He is just the Cutest little brown cow..TFS...Hugs, Ila

  3. Udderly adorable!! LOL I could not help myself!!

  4. Oh how stinkin' cute is he??!! I love when the little ones get so excited!!

  5. Arr how cute dose he look ,fabullous photo xxxxxxDawnxx

  6. omg! he's ADORABLE! My little one is a cow this year too. :)

  7. Hi Kelly,

    how sweet!!!
    Now I know that not only girls want to sleep with their new outfitts. Ruby and Britt always want to go to bed with their new outfitts. They even want to keep their new boots/shoes on when they go to sleep.

    xoxo Karin

  8. Kelly! Your blog is awesome! You do amazing things with paper! It was good to see you guys, even for just a little bit. Hopefully it will be longer next time. I love the pictures of Landon, he is so sweet. I think he will be wearing this costume long after Halloween is over! I'll be checking back, keep up the good work!


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