Sunday, June 8, 2008

Red Rock Ranch

We ended up meeting Lance is Medicine Hat yesterday morning so I could do some shopping and such and then went down to our new place by Seven Persons. It's called the Red Rock Ranch and it's soooooo beautiful there. This is a pict Lance took of the kids and I by the Red Rock that Lavern (the previous owner) had made for his place with the name of his ranch and his brand engraved into the rock. It's really close to the Red Rock Coulee Natural Area, hence the name Red Rock Ranch. Just thought I would share some more picts with you...I hope you enjoy, sorry nothing crafty today:-)

This is just a really old barn that is on the one quarter. Lavern had some fence posts and wire and such in there and it's home to 2 little bunnies.

Here's one little bunny, it looks like something chewed on his ears though or maybe they were frost bitten or something..I dunno, but it's still cute.

And this little one has perfect ears....

Here is the view from the ridge looking down and although it's small, that building is actually the old barn.

Here is Lance, Kirsten & Landon walking away from the barn.

Here is a really super, duper old seeder from waaaaaay back in the day, the kind you would pull with horses..kinda neat to see old machinery like that.

And here is a picture of my monkeys jumping off the ledge where the cattle liner pulled in to unload the cow/calves the other day.

And I guess I should show you some of our critters, the whole reason we bought this place was for cows and calves, so here they the distance that is:-)

That was our day yesterday. It was great! I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.


  1. Loved seeing the pictures of you and your family Kelly. Your children are so adorable. The countryside looked so beautiful. We would love to visit Canada someday. Hugs, Nikki x

  2. Oh wow Kelly its amazing!! What a fantastic place for the children! Hop e you are ok...big hugs to you all,x

  3. Red Rock Ranch looks quite lovely. I love the old barn (I have a soft spot for old trucks and old barns, weird, eh?)That poor little bunny. The kiddos look like they really like being free to raom.

  4. Fabulous pictures Kelly! Love the open fields and wide open space!!! Lucky girl!

  5. my goodess kelly this is gorgeous.
    I LOVE canada! This country is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing pictures of you and your children.

  6. SUCH a cute picture of you and the kiddos Kel!... they're so adorable- I love them jumping off the ledge.

    And when are you going to be in tshirts?! As I write this it is a toasty 92. Yikess

  7. what absolutely stunning photos - looks like a nice day Looks like a nice farm too :) nice to see photos of your family :)
    Hope this weekend is a good one!!

  8. Wow this really looks amazing, what a wonderful place to live for you and your family!

  9. WOW...your place is wonderful. I would love to have something like that to call home! HUGS!!!!


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