Wednesday, July 2, 2008

**Fantastic Blog Candy**

Just a quick post this morning to let you know of some fantastic blog candy out there.

Michelle O is celebrating 10 000+ hits and has 2 super prizes up for grabs....check it out here

Nikki over at Bunny-Zoe's has reached 10 000+ as well and also has awesome blog candy up for grabs...I would love that cute Papilio stamp:-) (well Iw ould love it all, but considering you can't get those stamps over here, that would be a major win!!) You can check it and all the other fun goodies out here

I thought I had a couple more to add but can't find my paper that I had everything written on....hmmm...if I remember or find it, I'll be back, but definitely check out these 2 fantastic blogs, their work is absolutely fabulous!!

I do have a fun new Magnolia card to show you, but just need to take a pict and such first...I'll be back later today.....oh and just a hint...I was going to have some blog candy at 5000 hits, but that kinda ran away on when I get to 10 000 hits, I'll have some goodness up as well!!

Have a wonderful day!

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