Thursday, August 28, 2008

SC191~ Embrace Life

Helo, hello!! How's your week going so far?? I'm looking forward to the weekend although this is Lance's last Friday off...he gets every Friday off during the summer and this is the last one (boo!!) I hope to get some stuff done around the house cleaning out my pantry! It looks like a bomb went off in there and is desperate need of some TLC!! So, I am hoping Lance will keep the kids occupied for a few hours, maybe take them for a horse ride.
Anyway, here is what I have come up with for this week's sketch challenge over at SCS. I haven't yet used this stamp sat all alone in my drawer, but I had this idea as soon as I saw the sketch. Only one boo boo though...I didn't really mean for the stardust stickles wiggly thingies to be there, but my chubby fingers made a mistake and so I added those as a little extra and to cover up my initial error! Oh well, I think it looks funky with them there!

The kids and I were in town today doing a bunch of running around and then got groceries!! Lance is off roping tonight so the kids and I are just relaxing! I bought them the new Ariel movie, so they are occupied with that while I type this up:-)

I hope you have a great evening. Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. This is really pretty Kelly, love the colour scheme and beautiful stamp set. Is it SU? Love the hardware too. I have just received my hodgepodge kit. Hope you get some time today - though am sure you aren't looking forward to cleaning your pantry! lol. Have a great weekend honey, Hugs, Nikki x

  2. This card is so pretty Kelly! I always liked the "embrace life stamp set but never bought it. I should get over to SCS and do a challenge. I am having a major creative block today!! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  3. Such a pretty card Kelly! Hope that you get your pantry cleaned but also get to enjoy the last long weekend of summer!!

  4. wonderful card Kelly,
    i always loved this set it is sooo gorgeous!
    the colors are wonderful for this time of year.
    guess what ??? i went yesterday and got lucas also stickers :-0 i was so casing you :-)
    thanks for the tip.
    got also hot wheels - he is into race cars :-)

  5. Hi Kelly

    Thank you for the lovely comment xx
    All your cards are amazing, Keep up the great work xxx, Louise

  6. Kelly this is so pretty, I'm trying to get some cleaning done today too. Too bad it's not as fun as stampin.


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