Thursday, September 4, 2008

My How Fast They Grow Up

Today was Kirsten's first day of Kindergarten and she absolutely loved much so that when I dropped her off, she took off running and didn't even worry about a goodbye hug or anything! I'm good with that though! Here are some pictures form this morning...they were being goof balls and had a ton of fun! Kirsten likes to pose for the camera lately and Landon thought he would try too....
My school girl!
The 2 of them being goofy!
A close up of my girl!!
Landon "posing" with Kirsten
Side Pose...see, see I told you she likes to pose!!
Biiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggg HUGS!!!
Not sure why some of them seem a bit fuzzy..anyway! I was playing around with some funky frames too...
Thanks for popping in tonight!! I am just finishing up some final touches on another baby boy frame I'm making....I need some baby girls to come into this world...I have made a bunch of frames the past while and they were all for boys. My sister Kim's friend Steph is due pretty much any day know, so I'm crossing my fingers it's a girl!!
See you tomorrow!


  1. Cute photo's Kelly, your kids are gorgeous and I love the last picture when they're having their big Hug, Have a great day, Hugs, Nikki x

  2. Cute kids, cute photos. I love the first one, the big hug, and the one with the taped corners!!

  3. What great photos! She is quite the poser!! LOL

  4. oh my gosh.. your children are beautiful!!!!!
    love the pics

  5. Awww...Kelly, you children are such cutie-pies. I love their big hug finale and those frames are really beautiful. Hope Kirsten's first day is a great one!
    Hugs Jeanette

  6. Hi Kelly,

    what a cute photo's. You've got two adorable kids.

    Have a great weekend
    xoxo karin

  7. Awwww, what cuties! You could tell how much they were hammin' it up for the camera. I am happy that Kirsten was so excited about school. I am sure it makes it a lot easier since she is so happy to be there. Love all of the pics!!

  8. Oh aren't they totally adorable??? How cute they are!!!!

  9. She is so cute and what a big girl...I have boys and they have never been upset to leave mom...Always happy to go...Great pictures....Kristina

  10. Your kids are adorable! Time youngest just graduated high school...and I remember her first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday!

  11. Your children are beautiful and love the big hug, My Dillon just started school on Monday and was quite happy skipped along like I did on my first day! HuGs Kim x


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