Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Awards and an apology

I was lucky enough to be given this fabulous award by Joey from Joey's Stuff. Love her blog, so please go and have a look at her many creations, they are truly wonderful. Some days she posts 2 or 3 cards and I'm lucky to get one done, but seriously her cards are fabulous!! Thank you so much Joey!!

Next I received these 2 awards from Karin over at Scrap Everything, take a moment to hop on over to her blog as well, very creative she is, fabulous cards and projects and such a sweetheart! Thanks Karin, you made my day!!

And last but definitely not least is one I received a while back from Lynn over at The Queen's Scene called the Proximade award.

Now onto my apology...I had a running list of a few different blogs awards that I had been given and needed to post. Now I cleaned off my desk when I got my new computer (see where I'm going with this...) and now I cannot find that list. If I have missed mentioning that you passed an award onto me, please let me know and I will fix that...I just went off the top of my head and apparently that doesn't work so well. Now I have a little book beside my computer for such things instead of a scrap of paper. Sorry friends, I am truly honored that you pass such awards onto me as when I started this blog, I wasn't even sure if anyone but my faithful sister ...Hi Kim & Kristy would read it:-)
Landon and I are off to meet the kindergarten kids for skating this afternoon!!
Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Congrats on the awards girl! Have fun skating!

  2. Congrats on the awards Kelly...hope you had fun skating.
    Carole x


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