Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Little Flower Girl

We had such a fun night on Thursday with my Mom and my sister Kristy. Kirsten loved trying on dresses and had a great girls night!! We went to 2 different places as we already kind of knew which one was Kirsten's favorite just by looking online at a few different styles. Every dress she tried on the first thing she did was come out in front of the big mirrors and twirl, it's all about the twirl effect when you're 6!! So besides the fact this one was her favorite before we even tried it on, it was a good twirler too, so we ordered it and should have it in about 3 months.

Here is a pict (it's not Kirsten, but taken from the Alfred Angelo website;-))and it is showing in Ivory (which is the color we ordered it in, Kristy's wedding dress is ivory too), but something is wonky when you change the colors on the site, because the actual fabric swatch looks so much nicer IRL than this does on here, but anyway, this is the one she chose and she looks so pretty in it.

At each point where it gathers is a little rhinestone cluster as well as in the center of the faux sparkles very nicely and she definitely loves that part too. It is a beautiful satin fabric and is really nice. Kristy's happy, Kirsten's happy, so it all works for me!!

We had a great lazy day today and a wonderful prime rib supper tonight!! Finally have he kiddos in bed and I am going to try and get caught up on some blog hopping and get some cards started at least!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Oh what a beautiful dress! I love Alfred Angelo dresses. My wedding dress was an AA dress. =0) I can't wait to see pictures of Kirsten in her dress!

  2. what a beautiful dress.. and isn't it still about the twirl factor?? don't tell me differently -

  3. Kelly this is a beautiful dress,Kirsten is going to look like a little princess. hugs rachxx

  4. Oh I am sure Kirsten is going to look absolutely fabulous in this dress Kelly...your very own princess! How exciting!
    Carole x

  5. The dress is stunning Kelly, Wow Kirsten is going to look like a princess in her dress, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  6. OMW!! The dress is stunning Kelly, and I can't wait to see Kirsten all dressed up like a princess.

    That prime rib sounds delish mmmm xxx

  7. Oh Kelly! She's going to look adorable in that dress!


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