Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

Hello, hello!

Well it is Spring Break here in Alberta...well for my kiddo anyway. So we are just hanging out together this week. We are off to town tomorrow and then a birthday party on Thursday and then Saturday we are making wedding invites for my sister's wedding, so I haven't had much time to create anything really. I am behind on my google reader and card making, but I am enjoying the time with Kirsten being home all week, so I will have to play catch up next week. On that note, please know that I will be popping in here and there...possibly with a sneaky peak at the wedding invites, but mostly just hangin' with the kiddos.

For some other fun, hop on over to McMama's blog and check out Stellan's name gallery...my kiddos are there, right now they are the 8th from the top, but that could change as new ones are added all the time....they are in the Calgary Flames Jersey's....oh and Kirsten lost her first tooth!!!

Thanks for poppin' by!


  1. My kids are off too....isn't Spring break the BEST....makes me realize how much I miss them. :O)

    Have fun and make sure you post samples of the wedding invites.

    I have all your images stamped and ready to mail...I just have to get the crew to the post office to mail them and the idea book out.

  2. Have a fun week Kelly, Hope the kiddies enjoy their break and nice not to have to get up early. Zoe and Danni go back on Tuesday, Look forward to seeing the invites, Big Hugs, Nikki x


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