Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

Well I wish I had something crafty to show you, but I'm sorry that I don't. Don't forget about my blog candy above!!

We were gone Thursday and Friday and got home late last night. The casino we worked at for the skating club went well and we had fun!! By the time I got back to Mom and Dad's to pick up the kiddos, it was late and I took Kirsten to Calgary to get her flower girl dress as it was in. My Mom also had a dress fitting, so we all went together and met up with my sister Kristy. It was late by the time we got finished and headed back to my parents, so we ended up staying there as we were going out to my sister's for a BBQ anyway.

We went to the kids fun day at the rodeo grounds today and my little cowboy decided he was going to take part in the sheep riding and pee wee barrel racing and then they both did musical buckets!! Lance asked Maggie to lead Buck while Lance stays close by to make sure Landon doesn't fall off! It was his very first time in the pee wee barrel racing and he had a blast..waving to everyone, it was great!!

Here is a photo collage of the past little bit..mostly today but a few others from last week too!

Ok so starting in the top left corner is the buckle presentation for Lance and his roping partner Garth as they won the invitational roping today, yay!!
The center one is a family pict from last weekend just before we went to my friend Lorelei's birthday.
Kirsten riding her bike in the back yard.
Bottom left is Lance roping his steer on his winning run. Lance leading Buck with Kirsten and Landon and I am on the other side ready to help them on and off when we get to the next bucket (and when the music stops...just like musical chairs, but on horses and using buckets musical buckets is what we did).
Lance just pulled Landon off his sheep
A wee one of Kirsten's at my parents on y Mom's birthday
Landon at our branding posing...

We are off to Elkwater camping tomorrow until Thursday night so we will enjoy the Canada Day festivities there and Lance ropes at the Elkwater rodeo as well. The kids are excited for mini golf, I can't wait, it's going to be a super week!

Sorry I have nothing crafty to share, but I plan to get back on it Friday. I haven't even had a chance to hop on to my Google Reader..oh my gosh, so far behind! Thank you for stopping in and stickin' with me!


  1. It's so lovely to see your family Kelly - your kiddies are just gorgeous and you all look so happy together!
    Take care xxx

  2. Sounds like a blast Kel! Adorable family picture too.. and the more I see Kirsten with her glasses on the more I fall in love!

  3. Kelly...your family is absolutely the cutest! So glad you shared with all of us!

    And tell Kirsten, from one glasses wearing girl to another, that her glasses are the coolest! I love them!!

  4. Wonderful pictures Kelly...lovely family you have :-)
    Carole x

  5. Fabulous photo's Kelly and sounds like the kids had an awesome time at the rodeo grounds, Have a great time camping sweetie and I look forward to seeing some photo's when you return, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  6. Hey Kelly!

    Sorry I'm playing catch up once again...I haven't had much stamping time the past little bit, I'm so glad I stock pile for times like this...I'd never have my sneak peeks done on time

    These pictures are FABULOUS!! I always love seeing what people have to share!

  7. I love collages. I do them for my wee one all the time.

  8. Beautiful family picture Kelly. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  9. Woohoo congrats to Lance and his partner! That would be so fun to watch the pee wee's in the barrel racing, they are so little...great collage of pics Kelly, thanks for sharing! ~Hugs


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