Sunday, April 13, 2008

CTMH Serendipity Card Tin

What a weekend!! Kirsten has a terrible, terrible cold. Up all night coughing, awful blood shot eyes from all the coughing...not fun. All 4 of us had a snooze this afternoon and got caught up on some sleep. Kirsten's eye's finally look a bit better and she is a but spunkier, so I think she is feeling somewhat better! Now just for the terrible barking cough to go away.

I made this tin and a set of 10 cards out of the Serendipity pack from CTMH (sorry for the wonkiness of my picts...I can't seem to get them to go where I want them so they look kinda normal...). I actually made it as an entry for the contest they were having, but of course didn't win...check out the winning entries Serendipity Contest Winners. It was fun to put your mind to work..although I didn't win, show or place, I still really enjoyed it!! Maybe one of these days I'll bring home the big one:-)
I also wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sammi for the Arte Y Pico award, thanks so much:-)
I really need to get in gear and get some things done! Hopefully Kirsten will be feeling better and I'll be getting some more sleep and then I'll get on some fun sketches!! Jen's SFYTT is wonderful and Julee's are always super!!
Off I go now for now to watch the Flames game...they are loosing horribly already!! I finally did get all my High Hopes stamps cut and be on the lookout for some fun jungle dudes this week!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend, thanks for popping by!
All items used for this project are by CTMH...well other than the tin itself:-)


  1. Kelly the tin is gorgeous ,love the colors and layout

    hope your little one , feels better soon [[[hug]]]

  2. The tin and cards are beautiful, great color combo :)

  3. Wow! What an amazing set. You really did a fantastic job of covering the tin.
    Hope your little one feels tons better soon. :)

  4. Wonderful tin of cards....I like how you decorated the outside. Joan

  5. Lovely!!! they look really great Robyn!! Hope Kirsten is better now!!! Hope the Flames game was a good one!!

  6. Kelly, your project is awesome! I love those tins too!
    Hope that everyone gets well in the's no fun being sick!

  7. Hope your little one is feeling better.

    Love this tin great job!!This was my favorite paper packet ctmh made I wish they'd bring it back.

  8. Wow, that is beautiful!! Those papers are gorgeous.

  9. this is gorgeous.

    hope your little one is feeling better today?

  10. This is a very pretty tin and set of cards, I like the color combo and flowers!


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