Saturday, August 16, 2008

Guess what came in the mail today.......

My Whiff of Joy Stamps!! Wow, talk about fast shipping too...they left Switzerland on the 11th and were at the post office yesterday!! Man, things take a lot longer than that just to get across Canada or from the US!. I ran up to get some milk and thought I might as well grab the mail as we are gone all next week,. I was thinking that there would just be the usual weekend flyers in there and there was...along with an envelope from Whiff of Joy!! I am just going ot scoot and get them mounted uo and get stamping!! I will have somethingto show you a little later today/tonight! Be sure to check out the Whiff of Joy's awesome!!
On another note, Landon fell and bonked his head pretty good last night, so he didn't have the best we are off for a snooze now, but I'll be crafting up a storm when we get up from our little cat nap!!
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. ooooh. can't wait to see what you make!!
    Hope Landon is OK!

  2. Look forward to seeing your creations later with your new stamps Kelly, Hope your little one is ok. Hugs,
    Nikki x


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