Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

Over the past several weeks I have received lots of awards and/or tags, so I thought I would just take a few minutes and catch up on everything!! Here we go:

I received this award from Tara over at Inking on the Edge, thanks so much Tara, I think the same thing about your blog, awesome!!

This next one I received from 2 fabulous gals, Karin at Scrap Everything & Lacey at Hand Stamped By Lacey who both have amazing blogs themselves, go on over and check out their fantastic creations!! I love your blogs as well ladies, they are among my favs!!

Now, I am totally going to be a party pooper on this one from Carole at Stardust Gems & Ribbons & Debbie at Debbie's Doodles....I have been tagged twice before , so I will refer to these 2 posts: here and here cause I really don't think I can think of anything else interesting or totally random about myself!!

I just received this award the other day from my lovely SBS sister Lisa at Blessed Beyond Measure, thank you so much Lisa, your comments absolutely made my day!!

I've been tagged by my freind Nikki at Bunny-Zoes...a wee bit different one and I have never been tagged on this one, so here it goes:

Things I Love

  1. My husband, children, family & friends.
  2. Making anything crafty...Crafty Kelly is what my sister Kim calls me HA HA!!
  3. Music, country for the most part, but sometimes, my ears pick up some other funky tunes!!
  4. My DVR that records my fav shows like Grey's, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, etc that I have so many recorded that I'll need a couple weeks to catch up on them all!!
  5. Taking pictures, although I am a total rookie and I take way too many of anything really, but I just got a Canon Rebel for my birthday and I am really hoping to learn some great photo tips to take better pictures!

Things I Don't Love

  1. Onions
  2. Peas, I like Sweet Peas from the garden, but that's it...oh yes and I'll eat peas in Fried Rice, but that's it, no other peas in any other format!!
  3. When my kids are not getting along and their ears seem to be oblivious to me trying to get them to stop!
  4. When my husband eats leftovers cold...he'll eat anything cold: lasagna, spaghetti, whatever, he'll eat it before heating it up and it drives me nutty!
  5. Weird foods, I am absolutely not adventurous when it comes to food, I like tried and true yummy eats, nothing weird...sushi is included! My hubby loves it!!

Songs on your i-Pod-My favs right this minute would be-

  1. Best Days of Your Life-Kellie Pickler/Taylor Swift
  2. Start a Band-Brad Paisley/Keith Urban
  3. Do You Feel My Sunshine-Johnny Reid
  4. Feel That Fire-Dierks Bentley
  5. Don't Think I Don't Think About It-Darius Rucker

Favorite Food /Drinks

  1. Pepsi or Dr.Pepper
  2. Chicken Asparagus Lasagna...oh so fattening, but so yummy
  3. Maple Walnut Ice Cream
  4. Heaven Chocolate bar my SBS Sister Lainey sent me for my b-day
  5. Popcorn

Hmmm, well that seems to be all for right now!! Although I don't always get to them right away, I am so very grateful for each and every award/tag, etc that I receive. I have a little notebook by my computer and right it all down so I don' forget!

Thank you to each and every one of you that visit me on a regular basis and to those that visit and don't comment, love you too!!

We are taking the kids swimming this afternoon to work on a few things with Kirsten as she only has 3 lessons left, and to just have a fun family day together!!

Hope you've had a great weekend!



  1. Congrats on all the awards, Kelly!!! You have a great blog and fab creations!!!
    It was fun to read the things you love don't love and you fav music...I liked that was fun!!!
    Have a great night!!!
    hugs TaraG

  2. Nice reading about you Kelly! A nice lot of awards there too!
    Have a good day.
    Carole x

  3. You won't eat peas but you'll eat icky asparagus. OMW WEIRDO. LOL!! Loved reading this post. You rock!

  4. Congrats on all the wonderful awards...What a great idea to put them all together...And I want to know about this chicken asparagus Lasagna....We could do a cute Tilda receipe swap...I'm sure I have something good to trade for...Let me know...Your blog looks great by the way...Hugs Kristina


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