Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm sorry about that. For some reason my comments were off today, so I have just fixed it!!
I changed my comment window to be an embedded window because I think I like that better but then I got an email saying it didn't work properly, so I changed it back to a pop up window and in the mean time changed the new post setting...Anyway, huge thank you to Catherine for letting me know!!

Have a wonderful day...I'll be back with a card later today...after I get Kirsten from school!!



  1. lol-I thought you turned your comments off on purpose bc you didn't want people commenting on you and your kids pictures. :O)

    I was going to comment on how much fun you all look like you are having!

  2. LOL! i was thinking the same thing..hehehe.

    BTW, you're welcome :)

  3. Nice to be able to comment Kelly...thanks :-)
    Carole x


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