Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Thoughts Are With You

Unfortunately I need a sympathy card to send to my Grandma. Her very best friend passed away rather suddenly yesterday and she is so very sad. This is the card I made her and I hope it brightens her day a wee bit, at the very least to let her know that we are indeed thinking of her.

I used an older Tilda, but she is so sweet. I also used some Porcelain Basic Grey paper and chocolate satin SU ribbon. The sentiment is from Little Paper Shop. It started out with Amy's sketch, but I had to put my sentiment somewhere else, so it's not exact.

My gosh time flies. Kirsten only went to school Monday this week, so we have been busy just hanging out together. Crafting and blogging take a back seat when she is off school, so I am definitely behind! We had to go and pick up the Durango yesterday, it needed new brakes and an oil change and such and Lance had to go to Medicine Hat for work, so my FIL came with us and then drove our truck home. We went for ice cream at Dairy Queen and had a great afternoon.

We also have a wee baby calf that we are pail feeding...the kids named him Lostie and Kirsten thinks that if he finds a mama then she will call him Lost & Found!! Too cute!! We don't really know what the deal is with him, either he is a twin and his mama only accepted one of them or else his mama has no clue and didn't accept him at all. We tried pairing him up with who we thought was his mama, but that didn't work, so back int he barn he goes and we feed him!

Off I scoot, we are off to the city to visit Lance's Grandma and then to Okotoks to stay at my parents for 2 nights, so I won't be back until later Friday. I know we are out an about Saturday too, so hopefully I'll be back on Sunday!

Have a great week and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Darling, I love how you did your ribbon.

  2. Sorry you had to make a sympathy card Kelly :(

    Tilda is very cute though! Have a safe trip into Okotoks!

  3. Very cute Tilda. Take care and have a safe trip.

  4. I'm so sorry for your Nana's loss Kelly, this lovely card will let her know you care
    Steph xxx

  5. What a beautiful card Kelly,l love the stamp.

    Hugs Riet.x

  6. Kelly, it was very sweet of you to make a card for your Grandma. I know it will brighten her day. Be safe in your tavels and we'll see ya when you get back!

  7. Your card is beautiful Kelly, I am so sorry to hear your Grandma is feeling sad and it will sure make her smile to know how much you care, Hope you have had a great week. Danni's package arrived today. You are the sweetest and Danni loved her pretty Lily card and gifts, Those precious moment stickers are just so cute, Thanks so much! Have a wonderful weekend, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  8. Hi Kelly haven't been to see you in ages, sorry about your Grandmother's friend, but love your card and the ribbon detail is stunning and elegant! Hope you are well & know what you mean when the children are off school LOL! Hope your calf gets attached soon ♥ HuGs Kim x

  9. Such a beautiful card Kelly, I am sure it will help cheer up your Grandma!
    Will you show a pic of your lost little calf? sounds so cute!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Debx

  10. Your card is soooo beautiful, Kelly! Sorry to hear about your grandmothers friend! I am sure your card will help your grandmother feel that she is supported through this difficult time! I love the ribbon detail too! that is soooo beautiful!

  11. Such a lovely card Kelly, so difficult to make, I'm sure.
    Carole x

  12. Beautiful card! Wonderful coloring. Tell grandma we're thinking of her!!

  13. That was sweet of you to send her this, I know it'll be a bright spot for her, sorry to hear about her friend. Pretty colors & coloring on your beautiful card Kelly! ~Hugs

  14. Sooo pretty!! I'm sure your grandma will love this card - it's come from the heart xx


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