Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Little Something

What a funny weekend we've had weather snowed yesterday, but had melted byt he afternoon and then this morning it was super foggy, but now the sun is shining! Alberta weather I guess...give it 10 minutes and it'll change!

I made this card a few days ago and still can't decide if I like it or not..I think it maybe needs some Primas or something:-) Anyway it will go tot Lance's Grandma this week with picts of the kids in it.

I have been having the worst trouble making a I know it shouldn't be rocket science and can't for the life of me figure out why I'm having such difficulty??? However, I'm not totally friend (I'm gonna call her my friend although we've never met cause she is so darn nice and I think if we do ever meet, we'd be good friends:-)) Dawn made me the wee one you can see on the bottom left of this picture. I seem to be having resizing issues as well. I don't know if my issue is that the PSP version I have was installed on my Dell computer when I bought it and I just upgraded so maybe I am missing something or what, but it has stumped me and I don't do well when something wins over fear though, I'll figure it out...soon:-) dawn is probably laughing hysterically at the fact I must seem like such a dimwit:-)

Anyway, off I go to tackle this wee issue of mine! Have a wonderful afternoon and thanks for stopping by!!

Stamps: Summer by the Sea-SU, I forget where the sentiment is from;-)
Paper: CTMH
Accessories: watercolor paper, aquabrush, CTMH Markers


  1. The card is lovely!! Sorry I can't help with the watermark issue. I have photoshop so don't know PSP.

  2. the card is cute , hope you sort out the watermark issue

  3. I really like it!! The weather is so unpredictable here, too!

  4. Very pretty Kelly!! Oh and be sure to email me with your mailing address so that I can get your PIF package out to you this week!

  5. Your card is beautiful! You know I think you need a bigger watermark. I wasn't sure what size you have your pics at when you upload.

  6. thanks for this card.
    i always love this image you remided me how pretty it!!
    your card is fabulous. love the blue


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