Friday, July 4, 2008

Our new home away from home!!

Well I know I have mentioned a few times that we were homeless when it came to an RV since we sold our other one to my sister Kim, well, no more. Here is our new home away from home!
Come on, I'll take you for a tour!! So here is what the outside looks like with the slide out:

This is our bed up top with lots of storage it!!

Now if you can see the closet thingie on the right hand side kinda by our bed, well on the other side of that is the shower (you can sort of see the corner of the closet/hutch thingie ) and then across from that is the sink, the toilet is right behind the sink with it's own door/lights, etc

This is the view looking back from the entry door way area

The kitchen, love it too, there is lots of space, plus a pantry by table and lots of storage above and below the entertainment space where we need to put a TV. Just as you walk in the door, there are 2 bar stools, perfect for having the kids have a bite to eat right a the breakfast bar and scoot them back out the door:-)

These are the kids bunks. So the beds are on the left and the whole right side is closets and drawers and a space for a TV, etc and both beds are the double bunks instead of just the single...much easier for me to crawl in with Landon...although I hope I don't have to. He has been great so far in just our sleepovers at home, just gets up too early, but stays in bed, so I am crossing my fingers that when we got to Sandpoint for 2 weeks, that stays the same!

Then this is the view looking forward from back by the table!

That's all, my tour of our new 5th wheel!!
Today is the huge release from High Hopes Stamps, you have to check it out, oh my gosh, so many new cute stamps...have a peek:-)
Wishing all of my US friends a very Happy 4th of July!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Oh wow Kelly.. I love your new RV and hubbie joked that it's bigger than our house..! he he... Oh yes and what fabulous High Hope stamps.. I want them all! Already some gorgeous cards from the DT's on Splitcoasters. Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, Nikki x

  2. Wow! Congrats on your second home!!

  3. Ooh... how exciting...Lovely new home away from home!! How fun!! Thanks for showing us!
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Wowsa!! That is so much space! Your new fifth wheel is awesome, and I am sure it will be so nice to have so much room when you travel, and such. Big congrats!

    I have seen so many cute cards with High Hopes stamps and they are adorable! I love too many stamps. =0)

  5. Kelly its fantastic...bigger than a lot of British homes!! Hugs Emma.x

  6. Hey that's not roughing it! lucky girl. Pretty cool.

  7. Im jealous.
    I just got home from a 5 day camping trip... in a tent.
    I want one :)

  8. Holy cow girl....this is awesome...way nicer than my house...haha!

  9. Beautiful RV!!! Camping is not like it used to be huh!!! We have something similar and love it!!

  10. Wow!! this is a Fabulous RV!! I bet you'll have a great time in it ...especially with all that space!


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