Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giddy Up~SC195

I can't believe I actually completely finished a SCS sketch card on the same day...well same day for me...probably tomorrow already for most of you! I really love this stamp set, there are even a couple more stamps that have not seen ink yet, but they will in the not so distant future I'm sure. A set like this works so well with our lifestyle, so I'm sure it will get a ton of use!
The card is actually quite big, I made it 6" x6" to accommodate most of the poem on the front panel, it still didn't fit in my 3.75" square but I really wasn't making it any bigger:-) I ran the Twilight paper through my CB with the Paisley folder! I really love that folder lately! The papers are all from the Sasparilla paper collection from CTMH as are the edge anchors and the stamps are from Unity.
Kirsten is done school for the week which is so nice to just be at home tomorrow anyway...I have laundry calling my name...I don't have a problem washing, drying and folding it, but man I dread putting it away..I guess that's why both Landon and Kirsten each have a basket full to be put away! Oh well...I don't think it will be that long and Kirsten can start putting her own clothes away. She does help out now, but I don't think I would trust her efforts if I left the whole basket to her:-)
I am creeping up on my 1000th comment!!!! (yes I know I am a nerd for keeping track, but when I started my blog I didn't really think anyone other than my obligated sisters and close friends would visit) so I will have a special treat for the lucky 1000th commenter...soon, it will be soon, it's very close already!!
Have a great evening/morning and thank you for stopping by!!


  1. This is a fabulous card and layout!!..and there is nothing like short of wonderful when your children can start putting away there own clothes..(except of course when they can wash and fold them by themself as well), Ila

  2. What a beautiful card.. love the colours the layout is fab and to be honest I like the idea of a larger card.. we card makers can sometimes get a little stuck on our favourite size, or shape of so well done to you for doing something different.

  3. Beautiful card Kelly and love the layout, My favourite size card and I normally always do 6 x 6. Wow, a 1000 comments! You make me want to go and count mine up now as I would have never thought of checking, Hugs, Nikki x

  4. Kelly,
    love the card-I love that paper-it's perfect for making those man cards that always seem to stump me! lol
    I can relate to the laundry! I have five kids and they all have their own cube of washed/dryed and folded clothes-the clothes never seem to get put away, they just multiply! lol
    Congrats on your number of comments! Thats a lot of comments!

  5. Oh this is just gorgeous! That is an interesting sketch on SCS....I'm gonna have to try that one when I get some time. :D

  6. Almost 1,000 posts, wauw thats a lot. I think I have another 850 to go.

    I love your 'no cute stamp'card.
    Great colours and I think it isn't that big. It still fitts in a envellop.

    xoxo Karin

  7. fabulous card Kelly, wow how many comments! way to go. hugs rachxx

  8. So cute! I love the square cards to. The poem is adorable, and the papers match it perfectly!


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