Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look at what I have!!

I'm so excited.
my Copic markers are here. I still have a few more coming as they were out of stock when I placed my order, but will will ship them out as soon as they receive them. For some reason they seem to be mostly browns that were out of for now I guess my people will have blonde hair and grey shoes!! I so many people that have them and have had them for quite some time, but I finally found a Canadian retailer that sold them and for a really great price with free for me!! They only have the Ciao ones, so that's what I went with.
I just have them in this little tray thingie for now because I don't really know what I should put them in, so if you have Copics or any markers for that matter, please let me knwo how you store them so I have some ideas...please.
I also got my new Whiff of Joy stamps and have them mounted but not yet inked up. Willow is gorgeous and the angels are so beautiful...fabulous stamps!!
Tomorrow we are off to Calaway Park with the kiddos. We have had seasons passes all year, but for some reason or another the summer ran away from us. They are only open a few more weekends before they close until next May, so we thought we might as well get our money out of our passes and take the kids. They are so excited to go, so it should be fun!! I'm going to take my new camera and should get some great sadly my new stamps won't see any ink until next week!
Thanks for popping in....


  1. oooohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.......
    I'm so excited that you got your must be so excited to use them!
    How did you decide which colors to buy?
    Did you buy according to SU! colors or just randomly?
    I want to get CTMH colors bc I have CTMH CS but it's hard to figure out which ones match.....
    Have fun at Calaway!
    PS-you are going to love your new WOJ stamps...they are my current faves. right now!

  2. my copic collection is growing so fast i need to find a better storage system too. I found this link on SCS that was posted by Marrianne from Copic. I think I'm going to order this... very reasonable price!

  3. OMGosh woohoo!! Have fun coloring with all those copics! You've got a great selection there. I only have about 55 of them and I just store mine in a basket upright, they all fit perfectly and are easy to grab if I need them.

    Sounds like a fun day for you tomorrow! Enjoy!

  4. oh kelly very envious of the copics....and i'm loving the new stamps..they are fab...great christmas cards... hugs Tx

  5. Can't wait to see your new creations with your copics and new stamps Kelly. Have a fun day with the Kids and a great Sunday, Hugs, Nikki x

  6. Congrats on the new toys...They are the best thing ever...Could not live without mine...I have found a simple, cheap solution you can see on my blog under copic storage...Can't wait to see what you make with your new stamps and markers...Enjoy!

  7. yay! thats so exciting kelly. i dont have copics, but what about puting them in a box with T's in it (think the mini version of what cube shelves are) and then you can put the same color family in each section.

  8. Congrats on your new copics! Have a great time with them!

  9. OM-Gosh what a fabulous treasure to have ....

    have fun with your new toys (mine is a cuttlebug , as you can imagine i have been cuttlebug everything lol)

  10. Hi Kelly,

    oh my, there are so much of them.
    Can't wait to see what you will create with them.

    Have a great day with your family.

    xoxo Karin

  11. WhooHoo! Look at all those markers! I store mine in something I found in Bureau en Gros which I think is called Staples outside of Quebec. It is a clear box that has a divider that separates the box into 4 triangular areas. 25 fit into each compartement.. so it fits 100. I don't know the brand but it is right in the storage section! Hugs Jeanette

  12. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh look at all that
    I need to order more now and BOTH of my browns I use often are drying up...bummer!
    Thanks for the link to the Canadian site!

  13. ooooh gorgeous goodies, what with these and your new stamps you will be in heaven....
    I store my copics in colour groups in pots that i got from ikea...Have fun. hugs rachxx

  14. Hi Kelly...Wow, love your new copics! I store mine in pen pots and have them divided up by colour family. Can't wait to see your cards made with them! Have a fun day with the children.
    Carole ;-)

  15. Wow you have been busy! I have been going to try copic markers seeing as they have so many different shades to choose from.

  16. aaaaawesome!!!
    you gona rock these markers

  17. Wowsa, look at all those beautiful colors!! I can't wait to see all of the amazing creations you come up with using your new goodies!

  18. whoo!! How fun! :)

    Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations!!

  19. oww have fun with them ;-)

    I just by Distress inkt to color, but I have to do a little pratice before I can show a card with it

  20. I love my Copics. I'd probably save them in a house fire if I could. LOL!

    Have fun! I just have mine stored in a pretty box. They stand on end which they say is A-OK and I've not had any problems with them. :D


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