Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 years...already??

I cannot believe Landon is 3 years old already!! time sure does fly and they grow up oh so fast. his birthday was actually yesterday, but we had his party here on Sunday, so I thought I would share some picts with you all!

The fabulous cake my sister Kristy made for Landon...his special request was a black and white cow, and he got just that...it was perfect, thank you Kristy!

Singing the birthday boy Happy Birthday

Just checking things out....

His very first bull rider toy (it's all about bull riders and cows lately) from my sister Kim

His brand new black cowboy hat
With his new hat, rope and roping gloves

Couldn't leave out my beautiful girl

That's all I have for tonight. For some reason I really thought with Kirsten being in school 3 days a week that I would have a wee bit more time to get things done...and by things I mean anything not just specifically stamping, although that would be great...but instead I seem to be running in a hundred different directions....anybody with me out there or am I just the worst at managing my time???

Have a fabulous night!!



  1. What a fabulous cake your sister made Kelly, loved seeing the photo's of your gorgeous children, Hugs, Nikki x

  2. First happy birthday to the little man! Second, I have to say I am right there with you on the time issue. Conner is in preschool and you'd think that I get more time...not the case, now I am busier running him back and forth and serving as the cut and paste momma (which didn't sound like much until I accepted the role, lol). :) Christine

  3. That's one yummy cake Kelly...lovely pictures of you children...looks like you had a good day.
    Carole x

  4. Happy birthday to your boy. He is sooooo cute. I really loved to see the photos. And your girl is also so sweet. You have beautiful children Kelly.
    Ant the cake was amazing!

    Big hugs from

  5. What beautiful kids you have Kelly!!! Landon looks so handsome in his cowboy hat!!! Kirsten looks like a beautiful young lady!!!

  6. Yep, your kids are BEAUTIFUL!! The cake looks so yummy. That cowboy will one day have all the cowgirls falling for him.
    Hey, and when you figure out the time thing- please let me know.

  7. gosh Kelly.. your kids are sooo beautiful. The last picture of your dauther is just so precious.

    your cow looks fabulous i am sure there was no piece left!

  8. Happy Birthday to the gorgeous little boy , he looks so sweet on the photos ,and his sister too .
    .I'm with you with time thing, never enough in the day i say , i always feel that I'm trying to cram 48h in to 24h day .I remember one of the mums in the playground Saying to me that i will have more time for my self now that the are at school , I'm still looking for that free time 12 years on LOL


  9. What a cute cake and darling kids tfs.

  10. OH. MY. WORD!! He is ADORABLE!!! Yikes!

    And your daughter is so pretty with that sweet smiling face.

  11. I love the cake that is so cute.

  12. Kelly, Your children are so beautiful!!! That looked like one fun-filled b-day party!!! I have to say you little guy looks so adorable in his cowboy hat...too cute!
    I so hear ya about the time thing. As you can see I am a little late with this comment. It's tough to find the time to do all you NEED to do, let alone the things you WANT to do....like make cards & blog hop!
    Hugs, TaraG

  13. What an awesome cake!!
    And great photos of Landon and Kirsten!!
    Glad to see your little man had a good birthday!! :)


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