Saturday, January 10, 2009

Preferred Watercolor Pencil/Crayon Brand

Hello, hello!! Just popping in to ask all of my lovely readers and stalkers (it's ok to comment, really I won't bite...well, if you say something mean I may LOL!!) what your favorite brand of watercolor pencils or crayons is to use...if indeed you use that medium. Don't get me wrong, I love my Copics and my Prismacolor pencils, but before I had either of those I had the basic 24 pc Stampin Up watercolor pencils and really loved them. Now with the wide range of colors in Copics and even prismacolors, I find my self very limited with the SU ones as there isn't the greatest selection of colors...only a couple of greens and orange, etc. So I am looking to branch out and get some more and just wanted your preference!!

Thanks so much for your help!!

I do have a couple of cards to finish up and am hoping to have them posted tomorrow:-)

Have a fabulous evening!!



  1. Hi Kelly
    I have CTMH brand, but I also have a set of Faber- Castell (which I think are exceptional quality) and several singles from Michael's craft store (derwent)
    Good Luck. :O)

  2. Hi Kelly
    I have the full set of Albrecht Durer - Faber Castell water colour pencils. Lots of colours to choose from...unfortunately, I don't use them very much now...I just use copics :-) I would definitely recommend them though.
    Have a happy day.
    Carp;e x


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