Friday, April 10, 2009

A few pictures...

Lance is sick with a major flu bug and now a bacterial infection. He did go to the ER yesterday and is on antibiotics for the infection. I really hope he is feeling better soon, he hasn't been this sick in a very long time, actually I don't think he's ever been this sick in the 11 years we've been together. I haven't managed to get much done with a sick hubby and trying the keep the kiddos half quiet and occupied, so I have some picts from today to share with you instead. It was a beautiful day out and we spent a lot of time outside today.

Here are some picts of Kirsten & Landon playing around. They insisted on having lunch on the deck, so they had some soup out there and though that was great.

Lunch time...


Landon...yes his shirt and cowboy hat are on backwards, but that's how he rolls LOL!

Kirsten drawing on the sidewalk blocks, one is our family and the other is what Spring looks like!

Come on back tomorrow as I will have a card to share with you.

Thanks for coming by and wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. what this beautiful Kelly.

    hugs Riet.x

  2. Have a very wonderful Easter too. My kids have been enjoying the outdoors as well lately...winter was just way too long this year.

  3. Kelly hope hubby feels better very soon sending our best wishes to him .
    love the photos they are so cute

    hope you have a nice Easter

  4. Love those rubber boots!! I remember my girls just wearing those!! :)

  5. Hope your husband gets better soon...lovely pictures :-)
    Carole x

  6. Love the pictures of the kiddies Kelly, cute little borders on them too, Hope Lance is feeling lots better, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  7. Oh Kelly your kids are adorable...Kristen looks just like you!


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