Saturday, July 12, 2008


WOW, my sister Kristy and her boyfriend Jason, my sister Kim and I went to Sugarland last night at the Calgary Stampede and it was fantastic!! I love them and the show was awesome!! Here are some picts, most of mine were fuzzy, but some turned out ok....oh ya...our seats were great!!

Miranda Lambert opened the show

Jennifer Nettles-Sugarland

Kristian Bush-Sugarland

Sugarland Together

My favorite song...All I Want To Do

After the last song and they left and then came back, right before the lights went back on a huge curtain fell and then some lights came on and Jennifer & Kristian were in these humongous plastic they asked that people keep them up as they rolled along the cool!! This is Kristian in his ball on his way back to the stage after he went passed us!!

Jennifer Nettles pickin' away

So that's non-crafty post again today!! Sorry to those of you that tune in to specifically see a card or something crafty, I think I need to change my header to read "Crafting Creatively....and other random tidbits"!!! I knew I would end up sharing random stuff about life and such and I love reading about other people's lives, families, interests, seeing picts,etc, so I hope you don't mind!

We have a super busy day tomorrow (Kirsten has a birthday party to go to, Lance's sister, niece and Dad is coming for supper) and then Lance goes out to Saskatchewan for 3 I am hoping to have some time to get some fun stuff done (need to get our 5th wheel loaded up too)...I received my Magnolia Summer Stamp Club the other day and am just getting it mounted and trimmed up....if you are interested in the fall kit, click here. You have to pre-order it now (not sure when they end the pre-order stage) then they charge your cc and will ship it out in Sept or Oct. You get 6-7 Tildas or Edwins and then a bunch of other coordinating stamps (all unmounted, so you will need some EZ Mount)...very good deal if you ask me, mine worked out to be $48CDN for everything, shipping, exchange, etc....You can also get individual stamps from Diana at I have gotten stamps from Diana as well, and her customer service, timing, selection, shipping, everything is fantastic. She will soon have her online store up and running (give or take a few weeks), but for now, if you email her, she will email you back a catalog of the current stamps she has in stock and then you can go from there!!

Wow, this is a pretty long winded post...guess that's what happens when you're gone for a few days...if you're still with me, thank you!! ((((((Big Hugs)))))) to you!!! Have a wonderful evening and thanks for popping in!!


  1. I am sooooo jealous!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sugarland.. and I LOVE Miranda Lambert too!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time

    and enjoy your busy day!

  2. Kelly, it looks like you guys had a fabulous time! I really like Sugarland and would love to see them in concert! Thank you for posting pics! As far as pics being non card related I enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of things that my friends are doing. =)


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