Monday, October 27, 2008

Pepsi anyone?...

We had a great day yesterday! Took the kids swimming a the pool/wave pool and they had a hoot!! Kirsten is such a little fish and Landon...well he hangs on for dear life!!! Back to the pool this afternoon for Kirsten's swimming lessons too!!

We made this fun little project for our CTMH monthly get together using an empty pop can! It has super sharp edges though, but luckily Nikki cut all the tops off and made the cuts down the side so all we had to do was decorate them and roll the edges with a pencil...I had no problems, but it is very sharp!! Everything used..other than the empty pop can and raffia (sp?) is CTMH!!

I have my very own little Swiper (ya know Swiper the Fox from Dora!!) that lives here...Kirsten...any and every project I make for our CTMH night, is reclaimed very quickly by her!! This now takes up residence in her little scrapbook area!!

Thanks for popping in...I already almost done my card for this weeks High Hopes it's only Monday!!

Have a fabulous afternoon/evening!



  1. This is such a cute project...Love the pink and brown...Beautiful...
    Hugs Kristina

  2. Kelly, that is such a cute basket! The papers are so pretty. I am sure my little one would loive to get his hands on something as cute as that to!

  3. a gorgeous little basket, love the colour combination that you have used kelly. Kirsten sounds like My daughter rachxx

  4. Swiper! No Swiping! Maybe that only works in cartoon land! This is a lovely little project. So nice that you can get together and craft in a group setting! Hugs Jeanette

  5. Interesting how you did that, makes for a pretty basket!

  6. Hi Kelly,

    finally some time to catch up.
    you've made beautifull things the alst few weeks.
    I love the bright coloured little folder, and this basket is just so gorgeous. love the colours and nice 'sharp'curls.

    Have a nice day,
    xoxo Karin

  7. What a great idea and such a cool project Kelly, love how you have decorated the can and the curled edges look fab! Look forward to seeing your HH card, Hugs, Nikki x

  8. This is so great Kelly, what a wonderful idea.

    Hugs from

  9. THAT is GENIOUS!!!!! Although I'm sure I would hurt myself trying to turn down that metal, it would be worth it, this is so cute!

  10. That is so stinking cute. Who would have thought that you could recycle an empty can into something so cute.


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